Lauda blames “spaghetti culture” for Ferrari woes

ferrariteam.php-4.jpgNiki Lauda has added to the widespread criticism of Ferrari as the team struggles to regain its form of the last decade. The three-time world champion, who won two of his titles with Maranello, was typically politically incorrect as he derided the “spaghetti culture” of the Italian squad.

The Austrian was asked about the differences between the glory years of 2000-2007 and now, and gave his forthright opinion. He highlighted the loss of the group of people who are generally considered to have masterminded Ferrari´s success.

“In those days, Ross, because he is English, was the ideal bridge between the Italians, with their spaghetti culture, and Schumacher, with his German efficiency.”

“Now the Italians are running it all. Does it work? It could be chaos. That’s the problem,” Lauda is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying.

It is thought Lauda is referring to a very political and bureaucratic side of the Ferrari team that is a well-documented part of the great marque´s history. Lauda himself left the team because he was dissatisfied with the internal strife, and other greats such as Alain Prost and Nigel Mansell have also decried the management style of the team.

Today´s management set-up in the modern era of F1 is a much more professional arrangement but it is clear that Ferrari will need to work hard to improve and banish the doubters.