Lauda: 2009 cars are ‘combine harvesters’

Niki Lauda has criticised the appearance of the 2009 breed of F1 cars, saying they look like ”combine harvesters”. Lauda, a three-time world champion, is the latest in a line of observers to lament the looks of the new cars, which are adorned by skinny rear wings and large front wings because of new aerodynamic regulations. The 59-year-old Austrian told the German magazine Kicker that he was not impressed by the latest machines.

“They look like combine-harvesters, with the enormous front sections — especially the Renault,” he said.

However, Lauda praised his old team McLaren -with whom he won his last world championship in 1984 – for still managing to produce a decent-looking car.

“The only one that almost still looks like a racing car is the McLaren-Mercedes,” he said.

Lauda, who suffered a fiery accident at the Nurburgring in 1976, is renowned for his bluntness and quote-worthiness. He once told reporters (eager to discover whether he intended returning to the cockpit in anger) that he was simply testing a car ”because it was Wednesday, and I prefer driving on Wednesdays.”

Source: Youtube