Kubica – without Schumi, F1 is still the same

Robert Kubica is the latest in a series of drivers to say that F1 is not missing the presence of recently retired driver, Michael Schumacher. Kubica has stated that after the first round of the 2007 season, there are still the same amount of cars to beat.

“I think someone might think that it will be easier for other drivers to win,” he explained. “But you still have to beat the other 21 drivers on the grid to finish first – and that’s what counts. Obviously Michael has left a gap, but you quickly become accustomed to the new situation. Also, there was a lot of excitement without him.

“For me, his retirement hasn’t changed a lot. Maybe Nick had a little more work to do being the best placed German driver, but I think this will have been an agreeable duty for him.”