Kubica making steady progress

Robert Kubica is making slow yet steady progress as he pushes for his return to F1.

Germany’s Die Welt reports that the Pole, horribly injured in a February rally crash, is now able to move his right hand, fingers and arm, despite initial fears the limb would have to be amputated.

The report said Kubica’s arm will “probably never recover entirely”, but dexterity has returned to most of the fingers even if the “middle finger still causes problems”.

“His thumb has recovered full movement,” said Welt writer Burkhard Nuppeney.

Renault team owner Gerard Lopez said recently that Kubica might be invited to drive in a Friday practice session later this year; an offer rejected vehemently by his manager Daniele Morelli.

“If Robert comes back,” he said, “he doesn’t want gifts or kindly-meant offers.”

Kubica’s friend Fernando Alonso understands.

“If you’ve been through so much and given as much as Robert has suffered to come back, you only want to come back for one reason — to have the same goals as before.”

The Spaniard is convinced that, also psychologically, Kubica will be able to put the chapter behind him.

“The accident was bad luck and a man of his calibre can shake it off, particularly as it had nothing to do with formula one,” said Alonso.


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