Kubica: I still have too many limitations

Robert Kubica has hit back at reports he should sit back rather than risk life and limb in a rally car.

After a 19-month recuperation from horror injuries sustained during a minor Italian rally in early 2011, the Pole is finally back in action. Despite not having the full mobility of his right arm, he won an Italian rally earlier this month, but then crashed the Subaru Impreza in a second outing last weekend. He was not hurt, but some pundits – including a columnist for the influential Italian daily La Gazzetta dello Sport – are calling for the former BMW and Renault driver to call it a day.

“I was not driving dangerously,” Kubica insisted to Polish television Polsat. “The road was just dirtier than usual. For now I’m going back to rehabilitation. My plans for the future will become apparent in due course.”

Polish sources say Kubica is planning more rally outings in the immediate future, with the company in charge of preparing Kubica’s Subaru saying Kubica has instructed the damaged car be fixed. But Kubica admitted that his F1 aspirations are on hold for now.

“At the moment I have enough to drive a rally car, but not a single seater,” he is quoted by French television TF1.

Kubica is, however, refusing to close the chapter.

“I still have too many limitations to drive a car on a track,” he said in an interview with Italy’s Omnicorse. “And I’m not talking about a Formula One car, I mean any single seater.”

Asked whether he will overcome those limitations in time, he admitted: “I don’t know. It will take a little luck and not everything depends on me. It may sound bad, but hope dies last. And believing costs nothing. I still believe, but I am also realistic.

“The road I have ahead of me is still long, with much work to do. It’s not as if I would feel completely lost if I cannot return to F1.”