Kolles: Hispania will see out 2010

Colin Kolles has dismissed suggestions that Hispania is facing immediate financial issues, insisting that the Spanish outfit has more than enough backing to see out the remainder of 2010.

Speculation had continued to hang over the team following its earlier financial issues. However its team principal has refuted suggestions that it will not make it until the end of the season.

“We had budget discussions over the Monza weekend and it has been approved,” he told Autosport. “And it is business as normal. We have to achieve certain targets and to be honest with you there is nothing special.”

“The engine bill is paid. It is paid in full for the whole year, the same as with the rest. I think actually we are in a better financial situation than many others. That we need more money is very clear, that is nothing to deny, but there are others who have many more debts and many more creditors than we have.

“We have to pay everything up front, so the moment we are not running that means we have not paid. So, as long as we are running, we have paid. This situation has to change, because this has nothing to do with normal business. Every company has certain payment terms – but this is a matter of trust and confidence.”

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