Kimi Raikkonen crashes out of World Rally

With F1 taking a four-week break over summer, Ferrari s Kimi Raikkonen decided to take the time off as a chance to compete in Rally Finland. Raikkonen has competed in several rallies recently, however this is the first time that the Finn has driven in a World Rally Championship event.

Driving an Abarth Punto S2000, Raikkonen had a good first day. “The car is performing well,” he commented at the end of day one. “The notes are the biggest challenge in this rally because you must have total faith in them.”

Day two was not as successful as his Punto hit mechanical issues first, Raikkonen s engine suffered from a power loss and then a suspension spring broke. Despite the issues, Raikkonen continued on until the final stage of day two of Rally Finland when he crashed out. Raikkonen went into a corner too wide and his Punto came off the gravel and rolled into a ditch. The accident saw Raikkonen retire however he was classified as 15th overall an impressive achievement given that this was his first time in a WRC event.

“I knew that place but I came in with too wide a line,” Raikkonen said.

“I thought we were going to go wide but then, unfortunately, there were a lot of rocks and when I hit them the car went over.

“But it was good fun and nobody got hurt. It s part of rallying!”

Raikkonen s rallying antics recently have started rumours that the Finn may not see the 2010 Formula One championship, swapping F1 for rallying instead.

“I am still in F1,” Kimi commented. “I still have one more year on my contract so everything is open but it is nice to be a part of it here. I am in no hurry.

“I like learning different things so if I have no testing and the time, then I will do more rallies. I enjoy it and there is no harm in it.”

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