Jordan against customer cars

Eddie Jordan has spoken out over the controversial customer car issue and revealed that he believes that all teams should make their own cars.

Prodrive are hoping to join the Formula One field in 2008 using a 2008 McLaren chassis. However, the rules on the Concorde Agreement have not yet been signed off and Williams are challenging the legality of the Prodrive entry. Talks have now stalled between Prodrive and McLaren meaning there are now question marks over whether Prodrive will be racing at the first race of the season, or if they will be allowed to race at all.

Eddie Jordan s team raced in F1 for 14 years and built all their own cars. Jordan believes that the customer car concept is against the spirit of the sport and that teams should be obliged to build their own cars.

“This is becoming a disaster,” he revealed in his column in F1 Racing. “It must be a requirement that each F1 team design their own car.

“It would have been so easy in 1991 for Jordan to buy Lotus technology, but the joy of winning with your own car can t be matched. How can people go racing in the knowledge that they are not allowed to beat the supplier team? We can never let teams sell off technology so newcomers can pass themselves off as part of the elite. It s just not F1.

“What is disappointing is that several teams some of proven F1 calibre applied for this extra slot and the FIA, after careful deliberation, chose Prodrive. David Richards is my friend and mustn t take this personally, but I d like to ask questions.

“Once, when Toyota told the FIA they were unable to compete in the agreed year, there was a hefty fine. Will Prodrive be fined if they don t enter in 08? And what of the other, rejected, teams? Surely the FIA must now allow them to reapply?”

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