Is McLaren’s appeal inadmissible?

Lewis HamiltonDoubt has been thrown over whether McLaren can appeal Lewis Hamilton’s retrospective drive-through penalty at the Belgian Grand Prix last weekend.

Hamilton was given a drive-through penalty after the race had ended with officials deeming that he had gained an advantage over Kimi Raikkonen when he cut the corner of the chicane two laps from the end of the race when the pair were contesting the lead. Because the stewards reached their decision after the race had ended, the equivalent time penalty of 25 seconds was applied. This meant that Massa was handed the race win, with Heidfeld second and Hamilton demoted to third spot.

McLaren immediately notified the FIA of their intention to appeal the decision however there is some doubt as to whether McLaren will pursue the issue, or even whether they can appeal the decision.

British newspaper The Guardian has said that McLaren will come to a decision today as to whether they appeal the penalty or not. Should they decide to press on with the case, the FIA’s International Court of Appeal will hear the appeal. One of the first tasks of the court looks set to be whether the case is actually admissible – drive-through penalties cannot usually be appealed. The Times newspaper has confirmed an FIA official has said that they are “not sure if it would be admissible.”

4 thoughts on “Is McLaren’s appeal inadmissible?”

  1. It is just funny listening to Massa. Lost all of my respect for him. He says rules are rules. What about his blunder in the pits. Easy to say things when you only get a fine, hey Massa. If the rules actually applied to Ferrari, you wouldn’t have been close to Lewis. You are probably the 18th best driver in Formula 1 this year, you just have a superior car underneath you. So, please shut up, because you can’t keep up.

  2. the fia need glasses the mclarens did play the rulesgive the position back you over paid peoplewhos in ferari pocket im so discussed with the outcome

  3. Just how many people within the FIA (Ferrari International Aid) have Ferrari bought out?

    It is obvious that there is some sort of vendetta against McLaren.

    Ferrari/FIA collusion!

    The whole thing stinks!

    Just award the driver’s and manufacturer’s championship to Ferrari now and save the other teams the cost of competing at the remaining GPs and save the public’s time watching the total sham that formula 1 has become.

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