Irvine: Schumacher’s form is curving downwards

Michael Schumacher was the best, but Mercedes should now be looking for a faster driver.

That is the view of the German’s former Ferrari teammate Eddie Irvine, who always said openly that Schumacher is simply better than him and his peers.

But, with Schumacher now 42 and struggling even for a podium in his comeback, Ulsterman Irvine said his former colleague is now being simply outclassed.

“There’s no point either for him or for his team,” he told Germany’s Auto Bild.

“His curve is downwards, so Mercedes is investing in falling stock,” added Irvine.

“Michael was an absolutely super driver. Everyone said he is a leader, the best developer, blah, blah blah — bullshit. He just had the most talent, incredible car control, incredible speed,” said the 45-year-old.

Schumacher admitted to Germany’s Sport Bild this week that he is no longer as good as he was when he won five consecutive titles at Ferrari.

“Am I as good, as perfect as I was during this time? Probably not,” he said. “I am after all 42.

“But am I still good enough? I would say definitely yes.”


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