Indianapolis still hoping for F1 return

Joie Chitwood, president of Indianapolis, has said that they are hoping Formula One will return to their circuit in the future.

Recently, Tony George revealed that F1 would only return to the track if they could find the right sponsors to sponsor the race. Chitwood has said that the track has now ensured that this is the only hurdle left for F1 s return.

“One thing I want to make sure is clear, motorcycles didn’t replace F1,” Chitwood explained. “If you look at the way we scheduled our calendar, we had hoped that F1 would come back and it would have maintained that June date after the Montreal event, and that’s why you saw the motorcycle event in September.

“Now, if we had that four-race schedule, we would have been hard after it. We would have been oval, road course, oval, road course. So right now we’ve got two oval events and the road course. So the timing is a little bit better, there’s not as much pressure and stress.

“One of the things that we did do with the design of this motorcycle course, which they will run the same direction as the oval, is that every change we made was also inspected and approved by the FIA. Should F1 come back, they can run this course, they can run it the same direction, they can run it the other direction, they can run the four-turn chicane in Turn 1 or not.

“We did not want to make any changes that would preclude us in the future from hosting F1. I know that Tony has said it, I’ve said it – the door is open. We think that F1 is a phenomenal racing series and we think it should be back in America. So the door is open. Maybe it can come back some day.”

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