Huge Hamilton painting goes on display in London

Image000A giant painting of championship hopeful Lewis Hamilton has gone on display today near Tower Bridge in London.

Hamilton could become the youngest driver to win the Formula One world championship on Sunday the first British driver to do so since Damon Hill in 1996.

Marking the Briton’s achievements this season and anticipating title glory in Brazil the huge 8 by 12 metre painting will remain on display at the iconic London landmark until after the Brazilian Grand Prix on November 2.

The picture has been designed by Birmingham-based artist Ian Cook, who, not content with the inherent association with cars and motor racing that the image portrays, elected to paint it it by steering radio-controlled cars around the giant canvas, training paint in their wake.

“I m really excited to be working on this project; Lewis has one of the most famous faces in sport and it has been interesting to capture his image in a style so closely linked to his profession,” said Cook. “I hope lots of people come down to see the finished portrait, it has to be seen to be believed!”

The painting was commissioned by one of Hamilton’s personal sponsors, Reebok.

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