Horner: Webber deal not yet signed

Christian Horner has denied reports that Mark Webber has now signed on with Red Bull for 2012.

However the team boss indicated he is happy to retain the 34-year-old Australian alongside Sebastian Vettel.

“The only thing missing is the signature, but to me this is just a formality,” Horner said during an interview with Germany’s Sport Bild.

“To be honest, I have a problem imagining any other driver in our car, or Mark Webber with another team,” he added.

Horner insisted that the issues that arose after Webber ignored team orders at Silverstone were resolved in a “really good talk”, and tipped Vettel to immediately bounce back from his disappointing performance at the Nurburgring.

“It is impossible to win every race, but Sebastian races all the time at an extremely high level,” he said.

“Of course, a Formula 1 driver – unlike an athlete or a tennis player – is very dependent on his equipment. But it still comes down to what he makes of it.

“Without us and his car Sebastian would not be as good, but also true is that we would not be as good without Sebastian,” added Horner.

Source: GMM