Horner unconcerned Monza fans took Webber wing

Christian Horner insists he is not worried that pieces of a current-spec Red Bull front wing are currently sitting in the lounge rooms of fans – and possibly elsewhere. After Mark Webber’s Monza crash, Webber’s front wing went missing and some cheekily speculated that it had found it’s way to Ferrari’s HQ. However a fan has recently announced that the missing carbon fibre pieces are sitting at his home.

Either way, Horner is not worried.

“No problem. You can’t get any sensitive information from small pieces like that,” boss Horner is quoted by La Stampa newspaper after being shown newspaper photos of the wreckage in a Spanish spectator’s home.

It had been suggested that some of the other pieces had been delivered by ardent Ferrari fans to Ferrari’s Maranello headquarters, preceding the debut of a remarkably similar ‘flexing’ wing that is currently being tested by the famous team.

A Ferrari official is quoted as rubbishing the theory.

“If someone is able to understand from wreckage how something works, study it and put it into a design and build it and all of this in a month, that would not be Formula One but something that does not exist,” he said.


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