Hispania future ‘not guaranteed’ – Senna

Bruno Senna has said the future of his Hispania Racing team is ‘not guaranteed’.

The Brazilian assured fans that the funding was in place for the team to continue until the end of this season, but admitted to uncertainty about the long-term future.

“Few teams are guaranteed to be on the grid next year. Formula 1 is not easy. The Hispania and other teams can not give that guarantee,” he told Brazilian media.

“We knew it would be a risk to enter into a new team,” he said. “But essentially it changed between when we signed and the start of the season. We made a firm contract and we could not predict what lay ahead.”

Senna, whose own seat has been under constant threat due to the team’s policy of revolving their drivers, pointed to the difference between his squad and those at the front.

“The financial difficulties hinder the development of the car,” he said wistfully.

“We are able to keep the team running through the end of the year. But we can not be like Red Bull, which always has little or big things in the car every weekend.”

He went on to allude to the morale of the team, saying they had been working hard with what they have.

“We had a big learning process. We started the year without testing. We have been working and making the most of the car. We had small updates to the car like the fuel tank, electronics… Every weekend we’re getting new things.”