Hembery: Schumacher benefited most from last tyre war

Paul Hembery at Hockenheim hit back at Michael Schumacher’s claim the Pirelli tyres supplied to F1 teams in 2013 are not “decent”.

The seven time world champion said earlier this week that he would like to see a ‘tyre war’ break out in formula one again “Because then we would have decent tyres.”

Pirelli’s F1 boss Hembery hit back: “He says that because the last time there was competition between tyre manufacturers, he (Schumacher) benefitted the most.”

The Briton is obviously referring to suggestions a lot of Schumacher’s success in his first career was due to Ferrari’s famously close relationship with Bridgestone. Hembery was quoted by Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport : “We adhere only to the rules, which are not made by Mr Schumacher, nor by Pirelli.”

The German report said it obvious Hembery and Schumacher are “not friends”.


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