Haug: Dennis has our full support

McLarenMercedes motor sport boss Norbert Haug has said that team boss Ron Dennis has their full support. His comments come after many rumours about Dennis future, with increasing speculation that the 60 year old Brit will not be continuing as head of McLaren for much longer. Some rumours have gone as far as to suggest that Mercedes, who own 40% of the F1 team, are pressuring McLaren to replace Dennis.

However Haug has insisted that Mercedes are happy with Dennis and are happy for him to continue in his current role. “I am now in my 14th year of working with Ron and during this time, only one other team has been more successful than us,” Haug said in an interview with Bild magazine.

“As team boss, Ron has played an immense part in achieving that success any negative statements appearing in the media are mere speculation and originate outside the company. We stand by Ron and are continuing to work with the same management structure.”

There have also been rumours in the press lately about Mercedes buying a larger stake in the McLaren F1 team.

“Options for the future development of the company are under discussion all the time but it is clear that we do not need to own more than 50% of the shares in order to ensure that we are listened to as much as we want to be,” Haug explained.

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