Hamilton: We are not at war

Lewis Hamilton has stated that he is not at war with team-mate Fernando Alonso. Since the weekend s controversy, it has been widely reported that the two drivers are not speaking and that one or both of them may be leaving the McLaren team over the tensions in the team. However, Hamilton has claimed that the two drivers have spoken since the saga and there is no bad blood between them.

“For the record, Fernando and I are fiercely competitive and respectful of each other,” Hamilton said in a team statement. “We are both ambitious drivers who want to win. However, we are not drivers at war as has been widely reported. Although we did not speak on Sunday, we have spoken since the weekend and continue to have a professional working relationship. In fact, Fernando and I plan to meet up over the holiday period.

“As an individual in my first year in Formula One I have done my utmost to conduct myself in a professional and open manner. Of course, I have made mistakes, not least during the last weekend, and those are open to public scrutiny. I have my own regrets and have dealt with matters arising. 

“However, it is disappointing that inflammatory and untrue material is given to the media and published which may damage reputations. This inflammatory material is then commentated on by many others as if it is factual. Whilst I wouldn’t normally communicate through press statements, I felt it important to set this matter straight.”

Former World Champion Mika Hakkinen reckons that Alonso has been rattled by the rookie superstar. “Fernando Alonso is the double world champion while Lewis Hamilton has just started his career but he has already caused him a number of worries, something that Fernando is struggling to accept,” commented Hakkinen. “McLaren treat both drivers equally but Alonso just can’t accept such strong competition from a novice.”