Hamilton slams Belgian GP penalty

lrg-1510-f1gp03bah0882Lewis Hamilton has blasted the FIA’s decision to penalise him for cutting a chicane during a thrilling battle with Kimi Raikkonen in the closing stages of Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix.

When rain began to fall in the dying laps, Hamilton closed right up onto his rival’s gearbox, before diving around the outside of him at the Bus Stop Chicane. Raikkonen held the inside line though and forced Hamilton to take to the escape road.

Stewards’ later deemed Hamilton had gained an unfair advantage by doing so since he appeared to use the momentum to catapault himself past Raikkonen at the next corner.

When asked whether he felt he deserved his penalty Hamilton told reporters in Spa-Francorchamps ‘absolutely not’, before slamming the penalty as being ‘absolutely wrong’.

“I left him enough room, yet he picked up more pace going into the corner, and drove me as wide as he possibly could,” Hamilton added.

“I was accelerating so that I didn’t lose too much ground, because I thought that would be unfair. I didn’t want to wait until he’d flown past because we were still racing.

“Eventually I could see him accelerating and I knew, ok, this is alright, so I began to accelerate, but slowly. I don’t believe I was full throttle; I was waiting for him to accelerate past which he did. That was a great fight and I don’t think there was anything wrong there.”

Hamilton insists that he had no option but to cut across the escape road after Kimi Raikkonen held the inside line at the chicane, forcing Hamilton wide.

“What more could I do?” Hamilton protested. “I don’t know what more I could have done. This is motor racing and if there’s a penalty, then there’s something wrong, but you know what they’re like, so we will see.”

Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Vice-President Norbert Haug concurred: “In our opinion, Lewis did not achieve this win because of an illegitimate advantage.”

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  1. If this penalty stands maybe it’s time that they stopped running the races. Have the practice and qualification and based on the FIA computer predictions (programmed by Bernie and Max), declare the winner 24 hrs in advance, everyone can go home early, and we can watch another james bond re-run instead!

  2. The FIA need to be careful here.
    What are the drivers supposed to do here?
    Cut the corner give back the place then get on with racing, was my interpritation. Simple and obvious.
    Now thats not enough so what do you do, cut the corner stop wait 10 seconds and go? sod the corner you’ll get penlty anyway so blast it and try and get enough time for a stop and go before coming in? or just hit him your race is over anyway may as well make sure his is as well?

    Why Hamilton, but bigger what is the point if the rules can be so badly enforced.

  3. So the new rule enforced now is that you can drive however you want, IF YOU’RE FERRARI. What did massa get for crashing into the back of someone in the pit lane? a tiny little fine (at least on his money), what does Raikkonen get for crashing into some1 that has never come on the podium before in the monaco grand prix? nothing because he’s ferrari. If they’re going to enforce penalty’s for drivers error in driving, then why don’t they enforce it for everyone. this has really annoyed me, because you’re just expecting ferrari to win (not matter how dubious they will win). Clean up F1, get the biased cheats out, and lets a fair races. If ferrari can only win by cheating then so be it.

  4. What if there was no chicane shortcut but rather a nice armco barrier? HAM would have scored 0 points – so I say he’s lucky to get the 6 he did.

  5. The Ferrari factor kicks in again. Kimi almost kills someone in th kits a week earlier and only gets a 10k euro fine. However when a McLaren driver makes a mistake on track and DOES NOT get an advantage from it they get pushed to 3rd…..plain and simple WRONG.

  6. Makes you feel like not watching anymore !! If Massa wins title by a few points or so it’ll be a farce, probably be my last season watchin.

  7. The FIA just killed Formula One for me. I’ve been watching formula one for 17 years and this is the final drop. I will no longer watch Formula One 🙁

    It started last year when FIA harassed McLaren all year and finally invented a 100 million fine. This year four players were in contest for the most exciting year in Formula One. Finally Hamilton succeeded to create an advantage by his outstanding performances.
    They just needed some excuses, again…

  8. (Please post this comment and remove previous) Thank you

    Firstly i want to know why Ferrari’s rules are different from all the other race teams?

    1st example — Heikki knocks Webber in a corner that was a complete mis-judgement on his behalf and Webber spins and loses places,
    but Webber continues race with no deliberate damage to vehicle by Heikki then Heikki gets a drive through penalty in Belgium because of this – FAIR ENOUGH because as
    it was an impossible move to make in the corner he should not have tried it….But then we come to Monaco and Raikkonen coming down a hill far to fast up to a really tight S
    corner and then failing to control his own vehicle under braking (being the experienced driver he is) and slamming into the back of poor Sutil thus removing himself and Sutil
    completely from the race whilst Sutil being in a podium and points finishing position for the 1st time….Raikkonnen gets no grid penalty for following race nor does he get points deduction.Hummm something abit suspect there!!

    2nd Example….In Canada Lewis does not see the Pit Lane Red Light until its to late (this is because he did not remember or abide to the Pit Lane Rules and Regulations when
    it comes to the stupid rule of returning to a race under safety car regulations, even rosberg drove into the back of Hamilton on this same occassion and also received the
    same 10 place grid penalty for the French Grand Prix…..now in a similar pit lane incident, Ferrari ignore their own automatic release lights in the Belgium pit lane into
    a) oncoming traffic and b) jumping the light which then ended up in one of their own pit crew being crushed under a rear wheel because they did not follow thier own rules
    nevermind the release rules which involve oncoming vehicles – No points deduction or penalties for either Massa or Raikkonnen. Hummmm……

    The FIA say that Massa’s release was not punished because he did not crash or cause an accident, they say that had he done this or injurred
    someone (e.i the camera man on his knees in front of the Ferrari as it left the Pit Lane) then he would have been penalised!

    GREAT!!!….. So what does it take to incur a penality in the Pit Lane? what Raikkonnen did – breaking his own fuel mans ankle as he was not concentrating
    or abiding to his pit lane rules? NO NOT AT ALL!

    Come on man we all know Ferrari contribute loads to the FIA etc for improvements to the Formula 1 calender but this is taking the rip. Any other person
    in antoher team doing these things like Lewis for example is cracked down on hard by the FIA. Why are Ferrari being treated so sympathetically every race?

    Im getting well cheesed off, dont they want a young new exciting in-experienced top level F1 racer to win the championship??? Dont know about anyone else
    but Lewis is the one that got me back into this F1 business the last time i was interested was the Hill, Schumacher, Coultard, Hakkinen days then ferrari
    just got boring win after win after win!

    Hummmm….. are we thinkin this is slighly wierd and one sided here or what???

  9. Well, as you can see FIA is BS! They love FERRARI, simple as that.Watch the replay, and you’ll see the TRUTH. FCUK FIA RULES!

  10. yeah bad news
    f1 is like boxing – rigged towards ferrari its the same with superbike rigged towards ducati, they can have a 1200cc bike cos their 1000cc was too slow – guess who owns ducati? yep ferrari

  11. I wonder of Ferrari is backing FIA, They are really killing the sport, 1st in this season was in Canada where Lewis had to crash because of the stop light and then it affected his french gp and now in spa, I think McLaren has to go strong on the FIA and ask some teams to pull of the track and stop the race. This is really insane.

  12. not sure where this message will end upbeing a complete no hope novice on my first PC but i have to tell someone how sick at heart i feel re this travesty – such behaviour by the FIA puts the chicanery of politicians & other untermenchen into the shade. i have been following motor racing since i was a small child in the 50’s when i regularly spent weekends in the pits @ silverstone c my dad. here in oz i stay up to the wee small hours watching F1 & then go to work on 4hrs sleep – lewis has turned this from a pleasant habit into a sheer delight – thrills & excitement in buckets. now it has lost all meaning – no longer a sport but a reflection of man’s baseness – those officials are beneath contempt. can someone please put this into thr petition for me ? – thank you.

  13. The penalty is a joke. I often wonder if the FIA is funded by Ferrari and therefore should be named “FIAt”!!!

  14. Its so unfair. I believe every driver will do the same thing in that situation. This really spoil my interest to watch F1 anymore.

  15. Not only did lewis give the position back he drove all the way round the back of the ferrari to prove it. Then he overtook on the other side. The farrari was so slow he’d have just gone past in the next few yards anyway so why the penalty? I suppose Ferrari complained to the race director and the stewards were compelled to find the verdict they did.
    All teams need to refuse to drive the next race until the rules are clarified. ie Don’t try overtaking a red car or you will be penalised!!

  16. This is an absolute disgrace Lewis was level with him going into chicaine and was forced off in a hard but legal move – after he emerged from the chicaine he relinquished the position – in doing this surely he gave up his advantage because by the laws of the sport he gave the advantage back to Kimi? it wasnt his momentum from #cutting corner which aided his second pass it was being in the slipstream of Kimi – which is the exact same position as he was going into bustop chicaine in first place. Its Baffling and Massa has gone down in my estimation now because he is trying to take credit for his tactics in the win now hardly a sporting gentleman’s reaction.

    FIA = Ferrari International Assistance

  17. Excuse me for my English … i’m Dutch

    In the fifty’s there was a great accident in the F1 killing (i think) 90 people. All of topteams at that time pulled out of F1. Except indeed Ferrari. Ferrari kept the F1 alive. Won race after race. The FIA as today is repaying Ferrari for keeping the sport alive.

    I’ll hope that they have under estimated the fans and say enough is enough.

  18. f1 will never disgrace my surroundings again im sick of watching that arrogant deludid dwarf ecclestone crawling round the grid this was the last in many straws

  19. Grow up Haha4ham.. The fact is he hammy won the race END OF..(IF THERE WAS A BARRIER)if Kimi had not of crashed he would have had a chance BUT he didnt so instead FIA took back what was a win for Hammilton in the only way they new,TO KEEP Ferrari HAPPY.. THUMBS DOWN FOR YOU DUDE..

  20. hey, dan, that puit thing has no similarity whatsoever. hamilton hit another driver, because he thought “oh yeah, lets go around the outside because i’m too blind to see a red light, or a red car” thats why he got penalised, and i know you agree with that, because you said that yourself.

    BUT the raikkonen pitcrew accident has nothing to do with that, how many other drivers have done that in the past and not been dq’d or penalised? none. i don’t remember Jos Verstappen or Benetton being penalised for the big fireball in 1994 do I?

  21. If there had been a barrier the move would not have been made, Lewis would have then overtaken him elsewhere for sure. For safety there is no barrier and in the event of using the escape route the drivers know what they have to do. Lewis acted correctly and even race control confirmed to McClaren (twice) that the subsequent overtake was OK.

  22. There are 2 diff Steves here ,i aint the one that posted on the Sep,10,08 im the one that posted on Sep-9-08 and still disagree with the points deduction..CORRUPTION within F1 IS GREAT INIT IF YOUR FERRARI…

  23. Given time Keane MIGHT be good enough to play for the liverpool but for the moment he is not…most if not all of the liverpool fans i know disagree with his move and beleive me i know a lot and im not a UTD fan either,i just like to watch a good game.Anyway we will see the weekend but it will take more thasn one game to convince me he is good enough to play for them..PS im Irish

  24. ok, sorry Steve, but my name is Steve as well, so ill change it to Steve B

    and what the hell does keane playing for liverpool gotta do with this? or is there a third steve?

  25. Well yes I an Italian, and have followed F1 for about 15yrs and have always been a great fan of Ferrari. I am ashamed of what has happened to Lewis and I would even spit on the Ferrari for having no honour in the sport, I no longer support them.

  26. Was not me steve,hey this is getting interesting..the steve gang are coming out of the woodwork or maybe someone just jumping on the steve bandwagon..Regards..

  27. F1 can be the most exiting form of motorsport,however when a clear victory is taken from a competetor for no logical reason ( Hamilton dropped back befor charging ahead again), then the sport is no longer relevent. The fans of F1 are not blind or stupid.
    Signed – Unimpressed.

  28. What about Massa’s arrogance, stating rules are rules. Easy to say that if you only get a fine, for something that everyone plus the rule book says must be a drive through. Just shows why he is one of the worst drivers in F1. Only reason he is in this position is because of a superior car. He is probable the 18th best driver (on skill) in this years championship. So Massa, shut up because you can’t keep up!!! This whole thing stinks of racism. Let’s you think about Mr. Mosley’s actions in a totally different light. The FIA would cause irreparable damage to F1 if they don’t overrule the stewards decision before this weekends race

  29. ok, i can understand why all the lewis fans are angry at this penalty. but why all the anger towards ferrari…they didnt do anything, it was the FIA

  30. This has the stink of Ferrari all over it. Money or favours have changed hands here.
    Just another F1 joke ruling that will help to kill the class as far as the public are concerned.

  31. Because Ferrari obviously owns the FIA – organised by Schumacher, the guy who deliberately drove into Damon Hill, after he hit the wall in Adelaide, to win his first championship. Remember there was no penalty against Ferrari for that incident either. You won’t see any other drivers or teams get involved in supporting Mclaren – they have too much money to make and lose. Look at last year. Obviously all the teams try to find out what the others are up to but Mclaren was set up to make sure they couldn’t win that championship either.

  32. this race will say it all…… im sick of the two Ferrari’s crying if they dont get their way. i dont care who wins as long as it is a good race and it was but when lewis give the place back i thought to myself fair is fair and i enjoyed the race but the fia started sorry to say but this will be my last year watching

  33. They penalized Hamilton for being off the race track and gaining track position (which he gave back). Kimi does this 3 times using the outside run off area to gain traction coming out of the turns, and the 2nd to last lap he does this to get right up Hamilton’s gearbox then, going into turn 12 he starts to dive under Hamilton’s car giving Hamilton only 1 option to miss the slow moving Whilliams, the grass.Kimi then takes over the lead
    (and spins on the next turn). If you didn’t notice during the race turn 11 and 12 were under a local yellow, watch it again it’s not hard to see the corner workers waiving the yellow flags. I’m pretty sure you are not allowed to pass under a local Yellow, regardless if you spin on the next turn or not. Why no penalty… Passing under a yellow is unsafe and puts peoples lives at risk it was a careless and dangerous move and yet no penalty????? Charlie Whiting and FIA need to grow some BALLS and overturn this BAD Biased penalty.

  34. Best race of the season by a long way. Couldn’t believe how much fun it was, Hamilton was truly excellent as good as the greatest ever.

    Only after the champagne was sprayed and trophies collected a few hours later it was though all I had watched didn’t happen. I felt as though McLaren should just boycot the championship.

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