Hamilton: McLaren treat Alonso fairly

Rookie driver Lewis Hamilton who took his maiden F1 victory over the weekend has admitted that his success this season has caused tension between himself and Fernando Alonso.

“I doubt he expected me to do as well as I am but I don’t know why he’s saying what he’s saying,” Hamilton explained. “He is the two time world champion but he hasn’t been really challenged by someone as close as me and as good a friend off the track, so it is a very difficult situation.”

After Alonso commented that he wasn’t fully at ease at McLaren and that he felt McLaren were favouring the young rookie, Ron Dennis refuted his claims saying both drivers were treated equally. Hamilton has also refuted Alonso’s claims saying both drivers have exactly the same levels of support.

“I find it strange what he said,” Hamilton continued. “Because I feel ever since he joined the team, the team has been extremely motivated to push us both towards winning. Ron and the other guys on the team have been working very hard to make sure we have equal opportunity. I don’t see why he would say that but I guess because he is Spanish and I am English, he might feel that way, but I do not agree with it personally.”

 Hamilton has credited his phenomenal success to his family and thanked them for their help and support.

“I have to dedicate this win to me Dad because without him, this would not have been possible,” Hamilton said, referring to his Canadian Grand Prix win. “You would not believe the amount of work he has put into my career. He had nothing when he was younger. He lost his mum at a young age and just to see his family be successful is a real pleasure to him.”

Hamilton’s father and brother Nicholas have been a driving force behind Hamilton’s rise and attend every race. “My brorther supports me in every race and it is good to have him there and he loves to be a prt of it and I am proud to have him with me,” Hamilton said.

And there are many celebrities who are queueing up to heap praise on the youngester. Tennis star Boris Becker said, “Lewis sees it every day, how fortunate he is. He gave the trophy straight to his brother. His brother, in a wheelchair, was delighted with it. That really sets the tone for his life. He always knows that when he’s got money, glory, fame, beautiful women, it was a stroke of luck made him a healthy young man. I think that’s something that’s always going to be there for him.”

Ex F1 driver Damon Hill has also added his praise. “He obviously knows that he is pretty good but there is no trace of an ego. You won’t find Lewis strutting his stuff. There isan overall subtlety to his personality and character which I admite hugely.”