Hamilton in explosive BBC interview

Lewis Hamilton has given an explosive interview to the BBC in the aftermath of a difficult Monaco Grand Prix for the Englishman.

In an incident-filled race, Hamilton came together with a number of drivers in the race, crossing the line a provisional sixth.

But it was post-race where Hamilton drew the most attention, giving an interview to the BBC’s Lee McKenzie in which he:

– accused Felipe Massa of turning into him in their coming-together, an incident for which most onlookers would have blamed Hamilton himself

– slammed his team for not being ready when he came in for his first stop

– blamed Pastor Maldonado for their contact, another incident for which blame could go to Hamilton

– questioned why he is summoned to the stewards so often, and joked that it was because of the colour of his skin

“Out of six races, I’ve been to the stewards five times. It’s a joke,” Hamilton told the BBC. “It’s an absolute frickin’ joke.”

“Maybe it’s because I’m black. That’s what Ali G says. I don’t know,” he added, tongue-in-cheek.

As for the lap 34 Massa coming-together, Hamilton denied he had been at fault.

“I was quite a lot quicker than Massa,” he added. “I went up the inside, and the guy turned so early and just turned into me. So I tried to go over the kerb to avoid him and we were stuck together.

“And of course I get the penalty, which is usual. He [Massa] held me up in qualifying and I got the penalty. He turned into me, and I got the penalty.”

Hamilton also appeared to blame Pastor Maldonado for the crash three laps before the chequered flag.

“I went up the inside of Maldonado and you can see on the [TV] screen that he turned in a good car length too early to stop me overtaking him and he crashed into me.

“It’s just ridiculous. These drivers are absolutely frickin’ ridiculous. Just stupid.”

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  1. Yes Lewis is correct it is supposed to a race not a procession, and THE TRACK IS OUT OF DATE for the cars.
    They only reason to go to Mon a crap is the …. Kissing to the show people stop this race or alter the track so overtackeing can happen. They should have worked that out after DC followed a slower car and driver years ago.

  2. This guy can always be counted on for major whining post-race. Always somebody else’s fault, never his. And, now he plays “the race card.” Pathetic!

  3. Poor Hamilton was just saying “why always me?” He certainly does always get picked on. He unfortunately wants a proper race with actual racing in it. Monaco may as well use electric cars then they could all chug along nicely and no one gets hurt.

  4. Hamilton had a bad weekend. We can all relate to it. He was caught letting-off steam. Everyone knows that, no?

  5. why, oh why, oh why? yet again Christain Horner has pulled rank to screw Mark webber’s race up! and why? just so Vettel can stand on the podium.. calling Webber in for THAT pit stop and not having any of the team being ready. Not having the tyres out for him is so blatantly obvious that it was indeed very intentional. That is just so wrong.. so much for TEAM work….I am just soo Disgusted!!

  6. You know… I never liked the guy. But he’ll! He’s fast and entertaining to watch. Go Lewis! (never imagined I’d say that)

  7. Race card!! LOL he didn’t actually pull a race card so get over yourselves! Lewis drove well (aggressive but well!) and as a huge F1 supporter that is what I want to see. I actually said to my fiance whilst watching the race unfold that I felt Lewis was unfairly penalised for every aggressive manoover. For me- the Massa incident, although there was a minor collision prior to Massa’s crash, Hamilton wasn’t the cause and in every single race there has been contact between cars, in most cases not involving any penalty… but if it is Lewis, I would put money on him getting a penalty every time – maybe its because he doesn’t drive for Red Bull!!!!

  8. Lewis was at fault for the incidents today but He’s right about one thing..He’s not liked and its withought reason.
    Vettel is following a similar path in His early career, a world championship very early on.
    In Vettel’s early career I’ve seen him complain. I’VE SEEN In Fact All THE CURRENT WORLD CHAMPIONS, Bitch moan and complain including the prospective champions such as Webber. All of them have exspressed weak exscuses.
    Shumy has taken people out left right and centre withough penalty.
    Many others have. We’ve seen them all have Tantrums.

    And if this is a free world Then whats the problem with His comment??

  9. about time someone told hamilton once a cheat always a cheat he should be banned. everybody is always talking about how good he is ha, jenson is always being pull down and he is twice the man the driver well done jenson for today keep it up mate

  10. I actually saw the crash between Hamilton and Maldonado differently. To me it appears Maldonado turned into Lewis and not the other way round.

    I totally relate to Lewis’ point. He is a fantastic driver and makes formula 1 worth watching for me. With Lewis in you can bet its going to be a fabulous race day. How bad can he be? 5 investigations in 6 races. Come on!!!

  11. Lets remeber: Last year Vettel and Webber literally tried to drive each other off the track last year. To be an F1 requires a measure of ego and arrogance, therefore their all pretty egotistical,they have to be, to a degree.

    Vettel is not as good as they hype makes out. He was lucky Today,even with the best car. Last year He SCRAPPED the world championship.
    He does’nt like to be raced.
    If there’s any racism trust me its coming from the media for the most part.

    In addition anyone sick of the BBC’s bias towards Redbull, its just obscene.

  12. Look at the replay of the Massa Hamilton incident. Massa changed his line and as a result even if Hamilton had not been there he would have hit Webber. Hamilton was wrongly penalised in this case. Stewards look more closely!

  13. hamiltons just proved himself to b the arse ive always thought he was. everyone else to blame but himself.
    to come out with a comment like that is rediculous, whether its what u think or not. i remember a few yrs ago when he was trying to break into F1 his dad came out with a very similar comment. (if he cant make it i’ll acuse eveyone of been racist) or words to that effect.
    get over yourself

  14. believe lewis is unfairly penalised.as a pensioner had a discuucion with fellow fi fan last year and we both agreed lewis suffers because of racism. shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I hope Hamilton manages to handle the backlash okay. As for the Ali G comment…. It was a joke! A flippant remark born out of frustration. Still, the stewards are a joke too so lets laugh at them instead.

  16. To Lewis. Do not regret what you have said, even if the media and public will want to crucify you for that. I value your openness and fair play style and hunter’s instinct. There is too many people saying what everyone wants to hear or what is expected from them or the code dictates. You need to have guts to open your mouth and let go. No more lying and pretending! I am at your side Lewis. I hope that one day I will be lucky and attend Grand Prix. Petra

  17. Lewis is a racing driver and formula 1 is a race – it’d pretty flaming boring watching them all follow each other around a race track! look at the touring cars where they muscle one another and there r very few penalties. Hamilton is the most fantastic driver 2 watch – pure raw talent nothing he did 2day was dangerous and i do think he’s been unfairly penalised! f1is gonna become a mundane sport if these stewads continue 2 dish out stupid penalties. Keep going lewis -yr the best:)

  18. Hamiltons an arse? Scotsboy-what a surpise hahaa! Well we know certainly know where your coming from dont we? Of course Your the type that thinks getting in to Formula 1 is a snip and let me guess;you could beat the lot of them.and You call Hamilton an Arse.Wether you like Him or not,You could’nt drive a single lap in an F1 car much less in a competative manner.

  19. Hamiltons first penalty was not for causing the crash with Massa in the tunnel but for running into him in the hair pin. He deserved everything he got. He is the most dangerous driver apart from Schumacher. There is a differance between making a pass and raming your way past, its called repect for everyones safety. The fact that he has been in trouble at every race is not because he is black but because he cant drive.

    Lorna.. I agree totaly. Webber has been shafted ever since he started to get too good last year and the golden child Vettel had to have a helping hand from Horner. Get rid of Hamilton and give his seat to Webber. Then we may see some real driving..

  20. Formula one is like any sport and reflects the views of Society. Its not a sport filled with racists..Its a sport filled with highly comptative people.

    Stewards are people,like most critics that can’t do so they d the next best thing,are there likely to be people bitter and twisted in their own racing failings,possibly.Are they and can they be biased,possibly.You’ll probably know in the earl days of Grand prix..the likes of Maclaren ,Lotus, Cooper, where refered to as “Garagista” by the founding teams such as Ferrari, Masarati Mercedes..Now British Teams and Constructors and organisations dominate the sport.Its possible thatthe letter of the law is often layed down on British driver because of this dominance.

    Lewis was ambitious in His passing attempts and perhaps there was a lot of provocation. He should use it as an indication of weakness, if they fear Him, He should understand it as just that.

    If the media make a big deal of what He said, then it reflects their prejudices.What is He supposed to apologise for what he said?? If so why?

  21. To all those Hamilton fans, is there any excuse for CONSTANTLY blaming the whole world but himself? I see many comments on how F1 is a race and it should have overtaking blah blah… Are we hearing any other drivers complain? It seems like it is always Hamilton complaining bout everything. last week about schumi blocking him and now this week, so many other things. lets not mention the rest of the earlier races. Really want to stop hearing his complains it is getting so irritating.

  22. Don’t put it on race (colour). The Williams sisters did it years ago, and it didn’t help them.
    It rather seems that McLaren always gets a penalty when others, Ferrari in particular, get away with whatever they do.
    In China, Massa crossed the pit exit white line (replayed on TV) and no one bothered. Imagine a McLaren doing that. Sur they would get a drive-through.
    A few years ago, in Japan, Lewis missed it braking at the 1st corner… nothing happens.
    Then Massa blatantly hits him… Massa gets a penalty. Deserved and impossible to avoid… then a few minutes later, Hamilton gets one for his missed braking!
    I remember when F1 was about racing. That means go faster than the others… overtake them on the track (not at changing tyres)… attacking everywhere… sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t… that’s racing.
    Now, there is not much action left in F1, and when drivers try to do their job, they are penalized “for causing a collision”.
    A collision is always 2 people’s fault (well, except when Lewis rammed Raikkönen in the pit lane at Montreal…).
    It does become stupid. I watch IRL or other series, even the V8 Supercars in Australia. That’s racing!
    a few decades ago, there were many GP winners in one season.
    The cars were not all the game.
    In the sixties or seventies, Schumacher would never get his 7 titles…
    And finally, yes, Monaco is history… so keep it for vintage series.
    It is not anymore a track for F1.
    Even the chicane at the end of the tunnel is not a real chicane anymore.
    At least, when there was a rail, those who miscalculated would touch it… that’s a real penalty.
    Now, you can cut it and carry on.
    Hamilton is right, those things become a joke… but a very expensive one!
    A1 was more entertaining than F1… but it’s gone.
    Only this boring circus keeps going.
    It’s not racing anymore… it’s pure marketing.

  23. and one more thing: stop brining in losers as “experienced F1 drivers” to join the stewards.
    Some of these guys never won anything, and were hardly capable of qualifying (when they could keep their cars on the track)…
    We want races!

  24. Lewis was frustrated and made some poor decisions yesterday. The pass on Massa was always going to end in a collision and he needs to just cop the penalties on the cheek. I never used to be a fan of Lewis, feeling he was gifted a seat in F1 without earning it the hard way but he has shown both great skill and a growing maturity over the past couple of seasons, which has made him one of the drivers I really enjoy watching. I haven’t seen the comments he made post-race, but having seen him in a number of interviews in the past, I can imagine they were made tongue-in-cheek and he was not being serious. Hopefully he can put this behind him and bounce back in Montreal. (BTW – I’m not a Lewis fan-boy, or even British. These are just honest observations from an F1 fan.)

  25. One more thing – I have no doubt Lewis faces racism on a regular basis. I have seen the videos of crowds jeering him and calling him offensive and racist names during interviews and more should be done to stop it. I don’t feel any of the F1 penalties have ever been based on race. The sport is a professional business of the highest standard and the officials know that Lewis is a major draw-card to young people which is a key audience for the future success of F1. As I stated earlier, however, I don’t believe his comments were made seriously and if they were they would have been made out of frustration more than a genuine belief.

  26. Tom, couldnt agree more. And to AL25, what planet are you from? Do you have eyes and ears where you come from?

  27. To Lewis
    Please, please, please dont ever change you make this sport exciting, you have passion and courage and feel this is what you vented in the interview…the racist bit being a bit of tongue in cheek… you will take the race to its limit and not in a dangerous way but as the race should be run, which sadly I feel is now lacking in this sport, I agree Monaco is not suitable the cars are upgraded and so should the track….thank god they brought in degredation of tyres for 3-4 pit stops at least its brought some excitement back into the race I dont understand also how Lewis just seems to get so much bad luck but nevertheless you still make the best of some of the worse situations….Lewis has also giving his team the best of praise and doesn’t always blame his team saying “it was just one of the those things we learn from this”!!!!! keep smiling Lewis we all love you x x

  28. ” Are we hearing any other drivers complain? ”
    Of course we are, what about Alonso, also a brilliant driver but always whining about something. When he comes up behind a backmarker he always shakes his fist at him because he didn’t dissolve himself to make way. Remember how he had schoolboy tantrums when they fetched Lewis in to the team? As for Lewis, remember when his mechanic told him to look after the car? Lewis: “Do you want me to race these guys or look after the car?!!” He’s not a racing-car driver, he’s a racer – there’s a hell of a difference! I think he pushed it a bit too far this time but it is odd that he is ALWAYS penalised and others get away with it. They used to bend the rules for Herr Schumacher.

  29. I remember when tiger woods first turned pro, he had to put up with death threats from racist idiots that wanted to keep golf white . Tiger rose to the top because in golf you rely on yourself,but in f1 its easy for things to go wrong with your team and mostly with the stewards. I think Lewis like tiger moved into a sport that had no black drivers,and it looks like some people wanted it to stay that wbvay. Stewards and team pit mistakes have cost him 1 maybe 2 titles.

  30. To lint.. I do have eyes and hears from the place I come from, but I am guessing you do not have manners from the place you are from, which is sad for you. Anyway please refer to this news which i’ve linked at the bottom, seems like I am not the only one tired of his complains. And let me make this clear, I have got no issues with Ham’s spirit of racing or skills, in fact, i respect him for that. I am only irritated with his complains. Its ok if it happens once in awhile but judge for yourself, its happening too often. The last straw for me came when he complained schumi of blocking him last week when he was up against Vettel for 1st position. This obviously did not happen if judged by anyone who had watched the race.

    heres the link btw http://www.planetf1.com/driver/18227/6959195/Brundle-on-the-problem-with-Lewis-

  31. I love F1 but absolutely hate the stewards and the stench of their corrupt penalty system so unevenly levied. It’s destroying the sport. These guys are racers. LET THEM RACE!!

  32. Hamilton expects others to just jump out of his way , he ruined maldonado’s race and has the cheek to hold his hand up in the cockpit as if he done nothing wrong.

    the move on schumi was never there but schumi noticed at last minute and just avoided contact.

    maybe if hamilton drove a lesser car he would appreciate things a little more , his attitude sucks and he is an annoying *****

  33. I truely feel bad for Hamilton, i sat with some buddies and we watched slow motions of incidents in which he was involved, and it is 100% obvious that he is not to blame for the Maldonado incident, Maldonado should be punished for it.
    Further more there is a sense of growing feeling that folks at f1 don’t want Hamilton to win the championship!
    Even if you check out the last minutes of the previous race you’ll see that the box was calling on Hamiltion while he was on the tail of vettel, and everytime they called him he lost 0.2-0.3 tenths of a second, in all it was done 4 times, and this happend when the race was about to come to an end, i know it might sound like some kind of conspiracy theory but these facts, +many more facts that I prefer not to mention, give me a feeling that they just don’t want to see Hamiltion become a champion once again.

  34. when did f1 change from a gentlemans sport to all-out war? i remember it was lewis hamiltons arrival! he lies to stewards, ignores team orders, sulks whines an makes stupid remarks when he should keep shut until he watches the video of the errors then with reflection make a statement? it aint brain surgery is it now? u should leave others out of the debate, an not comment on any other drivers errors yourselves, it aint the ghettos u dont need 2 diss other drivers for fun! Gentleman yaself up lewis!

  35. Hold up people, theres no need to insult eachother please! We all fighting our own daily struggle to survive an having hate inside us ‘me too’ is eating you away an making more wrinkles 4 ya 4head! B careful though people may think ya a pussycat if your 2 nice! 😉

  36. I have no particular agenda, but it seems to be some people have a selective memory, or perhaps a blinkered or biased perspective.

    The wisdom or accuracy of Hamilton’s comments may be a matter of opinion. However I find it very irritating that his comments (which I consider he went some way to defusing at the time by referring to Ali G’s ironic catch- phrase), should generate so much consternation.

    I recall a well known commentator of recent years asking during a race whether one driver was going to “play the white man and move over, or make things difficult” for another driver to overtake.

    I don’t recall any big song and dance being made about this comment – in fact I don’t recall it even being referred to again by the channel.

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