Hamilton dismisses Massa’s title robbery claims

Lewis Hamilton has brushed off Felipe Massa’s outburst at being “robbed” of the world championship in 2008 after Renault were found guilty of fixing the Singapore Grand Prix.

Massa, who is recovering from his crash in the Hungary, lashed out at Renault today saying that Fernando Alonso should have been disqualified after his teammate Nelson Piquet was ordered to crash to help him win.

“All of what happened was robbery — but regarding the race nothing has happened, the result remains the same. This is not right,” Massa told Brazilian Globo television. The robbery changed the outcome of a championship and I lost (the title).”

Hamilton, who relished hurling his McLaren car around a wet Suzuka circuit for the first time in Friday practice, responded by saying he was “shocked” at the comments.

First I should say that it’s good to hear Felipe is recovering well and that he’s back to his normal self,” Hamilton said in Japan. “I’m shocked to hear him say that because I’ve always felt that he’s a fair driver and he knows that we had a fair battle right to the end – at least that’s how I saw it.

“All we can say is that it was a tough season and that things happened; there were lots of ‘what-ifs’ throughout the season, so I’m a bit surprised to hear him say that because I thought we had quite a fair battle and that I won it fair and square…so it doesn’t matter to me what he said.

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