Hamilton apologises to Raikkonen

Lewis Hamilton has offered an apology to Kimi Raikkonen after the British driver disturbed the Ferrari s final qualifying lap of the day. However, Hamilton has stated that he did his best to keep out of the way.

Towards the end of the third qualifying session, Hamilton came into the pits for a new set of tyres just as Raikkonen was out on a hot lap. As the Brit came out of the pit-lane, the Ferrari of Raikkonen closed in. Hamilton came off the racing line to allow the Finn through, however the Finn is believed to have lost some time over the incident.

“For sure it didn t help,” Raikkonen said after qualifying. “I ran wide after I went beside him and lost some time I don t know exactly how much we lost. I haven t seen the data but for sure there could have been an easier way to let me past.

“But it is what it is now. I would rather be in the front but third is an OK place to start the race from. We should have a good car and see what we can do tomorrow.”

“I came out of the pit-lane,” Hamilton explained. “The team said You will be coming close to Kimi but at that speed your mirrors are vibrating and you can t see. I apologise if I got in his way but I didn t think he was that close to me.

“I stayed where I was and braked I didn t feel I hindered his lap, and I did get out of the way. I did the best job I could do and I did apologise to him.”

Despite Ferrari claiming that Raikkonen did lose some crucial time due to the incident, they have confirmed that they will not be making a complaint therefore the race stewards will not be investigating the incident.

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