Hamilton apologises to his team

Lewis HamiltonMcLaren driver Lewis Hamilton has apologised to his team after a dismal race in Bahrain. Starting from fourth on the grid, the Brit had a terrible start and was in 13th place after the first lap. Most of his problems came from the start when he made an error causing his anti-stall system to kick in.

“The anti-stall kicked in,” he explained. “Basically I hadn’t hit the switch early enough, and therefore we weren’t in the launch map, and then it went straight into anti-stall. Everyone else was then in their launch mode, and I wasn’t.”

“It was a disaster. It was a very poor performance and I sort of let the team down today. It sort of went bad from the beginning, but I’ll keep my chin up and move on and bounce back in the next race.”

“As a professional if you start off bad you need to sort of pick the pieces up and still deliver at least some points. I did none of that for the team.

“I had the crash with Fernando which really lost us the race altogether. I’m always the first to blame myself and I feel that’s the right way to go.”

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