Gribkowsky trial to begin next month

Jailed banker Gerhard Gribkowsky will appear in court late next month over the Formula One bribery scandal.

The Financial Times said his October 24 court date has been confirmed by the Munich court.

“Mr (Bernie) Ecclestone has been invited to give testimony the following month”, said the report.

The F1 chief executive is under investigation, although he argues he was effectively blackmailed by Gribkowsky amid the sale of the sport five years ago.

Ecclestone would not confirm whether he will attend the trial as a witness.

“I am sure when I will get the request, I will reply to them,” he said.

Gribkowsky, who has been in jail since January, is expected to deny Ecclestone’s claim that the money changed hands so that he kept quiet about the F1 supremo’s tax affairs.

The Financial Times said the prosecutors allege that although Gribkowsky “had no background in … motor sport (he) had ambitions either to succeed Mr Ecclestone or become an independent consultant”.