Green Proposals: BMW looking for early decision

Mario Theissen, team boss of BMW-Sauber, is hoping that that green proposals put forward by the FIA concerning changes to the sport in 2011 will be agreed soon. The proposals are controversial, suggesting engines should be changed to 2.2 litre turbo-charged V6s running on biofuel and rev-limited, as the FIA strive to make Formula 1 a leader in envionmental issues.

“There was quite a lot going on behind the scenes at Monaco as discussions about the future of F1 regulations continued” Theissen explained. “The dialogue started two weeks ago at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. As a basis for discussion, the FIA introduced a consultation paper. On that basis, the manufacturers are invited to bring in their opinions and propositions. This will happen in the coming weeks.”

At a time when the FIA are trying to reduce the costs associated with Formula 1, for example the engine freeze regulation, many have questioned whether the consultation paper contradicts the attempt to reduce costs.

“From a technological point of view, the topics discussed are very interesting,” Theissen said. “We are talking about a completely new concept, which will also be relevant for series production. That’s why BMW basically supports this approach. What we have to avoid though is the sky rocketing of costs. It is important that we commit ourselves early, in order to stretch the development work over several years.”

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