‘Green’ engines put back to 2014

F1 chiefs have today agreed to delay the introduction of so-called ‘green’ engines to 2014.

The new units, previously set to be four cylinder, 1.6 litre turbos, were originally going to come in for 2013. But today the F1 commission decided to put back the date of their inception, subject to agreement by the FIA.

The new technology will incorporate extensive energy recovery hardware as well as six cylinders to ease Ferrari’s worries about road relevance for their supercars.

Fuel efficiency will be improved by up to 35%, while overall horsepower will remain the same, and the spectacle – or the noise – will not be diminished unduly.

As ever, F1 is seeking to remain at the forefront of road technology and it is hoped that its pioneering measures will be replicated by road car manufacturers across the board.

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