Glock: our Monaco disaster won’t be repeated

timoglock.jpgTimo Glock has said he feels positive that Toyota’s Monaco debacle will not be repeated.

The German qualified at the back of the grid and finished 10th, with a car that was far off the pace for the front runners. But Glock feels this was an anomaly in a season where Toyota have generally been running closer to the front than ever before.

“I am confident Monaco was a one-off because we had been really competitive in the previous races, so we know the car is pretty good,” said Glock. “Monaco is a unique track so I think we won’t have the same issues in Turkey.

“Nevertheless, we have to push really hard to understand what happened and to improve the car for the next races. We are third in the Constructors’ Championship and everyone back in Cologne is working hard to get more and more performance from the car so even though Monaco was disappointing we are staying positive. This is important.”

The faster Istanbul and Silverstone circuits upcoming are thought to favour cars similar in build to the Toyota, with a long wheelbase. Red Bull are expecting a more competitive weekend in Turkey as well, and hope to compete with Ferrari. Meanwhile, Brawn’s advantage has traditionally been negated on lower-downforce circuits.