German street circuit rumours quashed

Bosses of Germany s two Formula 1 tracks at Hockenheim and the Nurburgring have played down suggestions that Berlin or Hamburg might host a street circuit Formula One race in the future.

Street circuits seem to be the latest hot topic in F1 Valencia and Singapore already race on normal roads and Bernie Ecclestone has made no secret of his desire to see more street circuits, mentioning London and Paris in particular. All this speculation and talk has led to the suggestion that the German Grand Prix might shift away from the purpose-built tracks within the country, and move to a street circuit in the future.

Hartmut Tesseraux, spokesperson for the Hockenheim circuit, has played down the prospect saying it would be too expensive. “The cost would be enormous,” he explained. “As a result the ticket prices would certainly also be very high.”

Nurburgring chief Walter Kafitz also played down rumours. “Formula 1 races in cities are more expensive than at race tracks and Formula 1 is already expensive enough,” he said. “Quite apart from the cost, it would be almost impossible to obtain the necessary approvals.”

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