Force India launch the VJM01

Force India s 2008 car, the VJM01The Force India team have revealed their 2008 challenger the VJM01. Named after team-owner Vijay Mallya, the car features a completely different livery from the Spyker team, despite being the same car the livery is white and gold with Kingfisher as the main sponsor.

“It should not be underestimated what it means to have a team that competes in the FIA Formula One world championship,” Mallya said at the launch. “There are only 11 teams that are allowed to compete, and it is a great honour to be one of them.”

“This is a huge challenging task of performance improvement and becoming competitive,” he said. “This is the only sport that I know of where even a fraction of a second is the difference between a wining or losing position.

“It is exhilarating, challenging and satisfying to be part of a movement where competition is truly at its pinnacle.”