Force India and concrete problems

Force India s 2008 car, the VJM01According to Swiss magazine Motorsport Aktuell, a storm may be brewing at Force India s factory in England.

Despite selling off his team a few years back, Eddie Jordan still owns the land surrounding the current Force India factory and it is rumoured that Jordan has been trying to sell the land to the Force India team. The land itself provides access to the factory and Jordan is said to be keen to reach a deal with the team.

However, the current owners, Vijay Mallya and the Mol family, have so far refused to buy the land and this has reportedly led to drastic action by Jordan over the weekend.

According to Motorsport Aktuell, whilst the Force India team were away in Malaysia preparing for last weekend s race, the Irishman ordered a load of concrete to be dumped on the access road leading to the factory, blocking off all access.

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