Fisichella’s Motorsport Academy

Renault driver Giancarlo Fisichella is to open his own Motorsports Academy. Named the ‘Fisichella Motor Sport Academy’ (or FMS Academy for short),  it will be located at the Circuit of Vallelunga and will teach pupils a range of racing disciplines.

Fisichella is planning to cover all aspects of motor racing and so will teach not only driving, but also race engineering, aerodynamics, team management, driver management, caterers, public relations and personal trainers.

The FMS Academy is part of the Fisichella Motor Sport Technopole which is being built using solar panels and other high-tech materials to ensure the building is bio-compatible.  Alongside the academy, there will be a personal training centre, a museum featuring race cars and various aspects of Fisichella’s career, a shopping arcade and restaurants. The Technopole will also be the headquarters of Fisichella’s current and future racing interests.