FIA to inspect McLaren wing in Bahrain

The FIA are to delay their inspection of McLaren’s rear wing until the first race of the season in Bahrain next weekend.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner first raised concerns about the legality of the wing last week. It is believed that the wing gives McLaren a straight-line speed advantage, through a conveniently-positioned hole in the structure.

McLaren are not thought to be worried about their design.

Team principal Martin Whitmarsh told The Daily Telegraph last week: “The wing is different and innovative, yes. But we have been in contact with Charlie [Whiting, race director and FIA technical delegate] over a period of several months to check that it complies with regulations. We have been assured that it does.”

If McLaren’s wing was found to be in contravention of the rules in Bahrain it would present the team with a considerable problem. But it is thought that Red Bull are not hopeful of any sanction.