FIA to enforce Pirelli camber guidelines during Italian GP

The FIA has moved to ensure the safety of Pirelli’s tyres this weekend.

Usually, F1’s official tyre supplier issues recommendations to the teams about how best to use its products at grands prix.

But at Spa two weeks ago, a controversy erupted when Red Bull was found to have breached the guidelines about front tyre camber, causing worrying blistering.

Pirelli reacted by tightening its camber recommendations from 4 to 3.25 degrees for the Monza weekend.

Mark Webber confirmed after Friday practice that Red Bull had indeed “adjusted a few things following the camber setting guidelines for this race”.

But Pirelli also turned to the FIA for help, resulting in a technical directive being issued at 7.45 on Saturday morning, the supplier’s motor sport director Paul Hembery revealed on Twitter before third practice.

He confirmed that the FIA will enforce the 3.25 degree camber angle “just for this race”.

The concern is that the tyres will overheat on the ultra high-speed Italian layout, but Hembery said there was no blistering seen “outside the usual parameters” in Friday practice.


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