FIA also orders Red Bull to change brake cooling design

The widely-reported ‘floor holes’ were not the only technical feature on Red Bull’s 2012 car to have caught the FIA’s attention recently.

The reigning world champions were told by F1’s governing body after Monaco that its floor design does not comply with a new directive issued by Charlie Whiting. But Auto Motor und Sport reports that the energy drink-owned team has had to make yet another modification.

“The FIA has discovered another illegal detail on the Red Bull,” the German report said on Friday. The detail is in the brake cooling ducts of the Adrian Newey-penned RB8, which in the FIA’s opinion were being improperly used by Red Bull as an aerodynamic aid. The rules say the ducts must be used only for cooling.

Red Bull reportedly argued that its design was exclusively for cooling, but the FIA did not agree and ordered a re-design. Auto Motor und Sport said the Milton-Keynes based team has been using the offending layout since the start of the 2012 season.


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