Ferrari’s F2008 is unveiled

Current F1 champions Ferrari unveiled their 2008 car, the F2008, yesterday, with the car running publicly for the first time at Fiorano today.

As a result of the FIA s new rules, the F2008 is heavier than it s predecessor Ferrari have had to contend with the new single ECU unit, four race gearboxes and some monocoque structural changes.  The F2008 also boasts a new aerodynamics package as well as new suspension.

Looking at the F2008, it is easy to see where some of the changes have come the F2008 has a bulbous nose joined with a biplane wing, similar to that of Toyota s offering last year. The nose cone comes underneath the car to give the front wing more room to work.

The monocoque has been raised all the way around back to the sidepods the higher cockpit sides come as a reaction to the horrific crash between Alex Wurz and David Coulthard during the 2007 race in Australia.
Ferrari F2008

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