Ferrari working on three F1 cars

Even Ferrari’s huge resources are being tested in 2012, as the famous Italian team reportedly works on three different cars simultaneously – that is the claim of the Spanish sports daily Marca, amid news the once-struggling F2012 car will enjoy yet another significant upgrade for the streets of Valencia this weekend.

The report said Ferrari will use a new front wing and floor at the European grand prix, whilst also rolling out upgrades to the rear wing and exhausts.

“It’s been intense over the past few months resulting in a big improvement in car performance,” said chief designer Nikolas Tombazis. “We have worked with determination to deal with all the negative points we picked up right from the first test in the winter.”

At the same time, Marca reported, Ferrari has started work not only on an evolutionary project for 2013, but on the “fundamentals” of a radically-different chassis to complement the new V6 engine in 2014.

“The 2013 model is an evolution and the improvements we put into this (current) car will be useful for next year, but there is a small group of people working on fundamentals and mechanical components that are a step up from this year,” said Tombazis.

As for 2014, “We have a lot of people working on the new engine already and another small group looking at other features of the car, which is going to be completely new”, he also revealed.


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