Ferrari to keep KERS for Barcelona weekend

ferrari.jpgFerrari have announced that they will run their KERS at this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona.

The Italian team have decided to use the system despite reliability issues at the last race in Bahrain. A statement from the team said that extensive work had been done on the system to increase its reliability and it would suit the Circuit de Catalunya’s characteristics, principally the long pit straight.

“On the subject of KERS, this will be used again in Spain, after much work has been carried out on the reliability of the system since the last race,” announced the team.

“KERS should be an advantage here for the F60, built to run with the energy system as an intrinsic part of its design, which means that, as was evident in back to back tests during practice in Bahrain, the F60 gains virtually no advantage in terms of car balance, when running without it. KERS can be a significant driver aid at the race start here, as the main straight is very long.”

Although a developed version of the F60 has recently been tested by test driver Marc Gene, it is not clear whether Ferrari are bringing substantial modifications to Spain this weekend. BMW have already announced that they will not run KERS because they are bringing significant aerodynamic changes.