Ferrari taking Stepney to court

FerrariFerrari has surprised many people in the F1 paddock by saying they are taking Nigel Stepney to court for reasons which are, as yet, unclear.

Nigel Stepney was chief mechanic for Ferrari before becoming technical manager for both the race and test team. He is part of the ‘dream team’ that helped Michael Schumacher win five successive world titles. However, after Schumacher’s departure, Brawn went on sabbatical and Stepney felt slightly out of sorts. He made no secret that he wanted to leave Maranello and head for a team closer to home.

Allegedly, Stepney is unhappy with the way things are currently being run at Ferrari and has threatened to follow Brawn into the sidelines. He has already been reassigned within the team to a backroom role away from the track as head of team performance development.

A statement from Ferrari said, “Ferrari have taken action against Nigel Stepney and there is now an investigation.” The case will be heard shortly in Modena.

If Stepney does choose to leave Ferrari, it is rumoured that Honda are interested in his services – in order to reverse their poor form, is it believed that Honda are looking to poach some strong technical staff from other teams.

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