Ferrari: Massa may not get an engine change

FerrariDespite not finishing the Malaysian Grand Prix, Ferrari have hinted that Brazilian driver Felipe Massa may not have his engine changed ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Massa span during the race in Sepang after a driver error, leading to his retirement from the race. His retirement now allows Ferrari to fit a new engine to the car. However, as the engine did not complete the full race weekend, the Ferrari team are contemplating using the engine for a further race weekend.

“We will continue to keep a close eye on reliability, especially on the engine side,” Ferrari s technical director Aldo Costa explained. “On this front at the moment, we will probably run Massa with the same engine that he used in Malaysia, even though we could change it, as he failed to finish the race.”

Costa also revealed that the F2008 will have new aerodynamic parts fitted to it for the race in Sakhir. “The plan for this year is that we should have continuous updates throughout the season,” Costa explained. “We aim to improve the package step by step, with changes coming for almost every race – and in Bahrain we will run some new aero parts.”