Ferrari looking to change suspension for 2012

Ferrari will finally follow Red Bull’s lead with the suspension layout of its 2012 car according to Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport – from push-rod suspension to pull-rod suspension.

According to the newspaper, a scale model of the Maranello based team’s new car is already being tested in Ferrar’s wind tunnel.

With its 2011 design, the 150 Italia, Ferrari raised some eyebrows by sticking with its usual push-road suspension philosophy rather than opting for Red Bull’s pull-rod layout.

“At Maranello, everything has been called into question in light of the unsatisfactory results of this season,” said the Italian newspaper report.

“The (pull-rod) system will allow for a lower and smaller rear end but it will appear only next season,” added Corriere dello Sport.

“In the last six races of this year, even in the races, mechanical and aerodynamic parts (for 2012) will be tested.”


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