Ferrari lets 2013 Massa contract ‘option’ expire

Ferrari has allowed a contract ‘option’ on Felipe Massa’s services for the 2013 season to expire, according to Italy’s Autosprint magazine.

Amid the Brazilian’s early struggles in 2012, it appeared a certainty that the Italian team was on the market for a new teammate for Fernando Alonso. But Massa sped up as the F2012 also improved, even though it emerges that in the past days Ferrari let a one-sided contract option – that would have seen Massa definitely stay next season – expire.

It means that if the 31-year-old races a Ferrari for an eighth consecutive season in 2013, he will have agreed a brand new contract.

Massa told reporters in Hungary on Thursday that if he cannot stay at Ferrari, he could leave Formula One altogether.

“I want to stay in Formula One, but it has to be in a situation where I am in Formula One to race, not just to participate,” he said. “If for whatever reason I don’t have the chance to stay in Ferrari, then I will try and find a direction where I can race.

“But, otherwise, small teams? I’m not interested.”


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