Ferrari keen to solve 2012 wing fluttering issue

Ferrari has entered another week with a firm focus on the flexibility of its new front wing. The Red Bull-like component made its track debut recently but in India and Abu Dhabi it was observed “fluttering” violently at the front of Felipe Massa’s car.

So among the famous Italian team’s job lists this week in Abu Dhabi, where Jules Bianchi is running all three days of the ‘young driver’ test, is to solve that problem as soon as possible.

“We are trying to find the reasons for the vibration,” confirmed Frenchman Bianchi, according to the Spanish sports daily AS. “There will be no more tests after this (until 2012) so it is very important.”

But although front wing flexibility was controversial particularly last year, Ferrari’s intense focus on its development ahead of 2012 is seen by some as slightly confusing.

Team boss Stefano Domenicali explained to Marca,: “This year the exhaust blowing and the rear diffuser has had a great influence on the behaviour of the car. But for next year the designs will be limited and therefore the aerodynamics of the car returns to being much more traditional.

“So the front wing once again becomes the most important, not only from the standpoint of speed but the whole balance and stability of the car,” added Domenicali.

He said he is “very glad” Ferrari decided to kick off its new focus on the 2012 front wing before the current season had concluded.

“So it means the problems we have had with Felipe’s car can be corrected well in advance rather than waiting until February to see what happens. Other teams like Red Bull have had this same (fluttering) situation, which is normal because we are all looking for the edge with the front wing to meet the regulations for next season.”


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