Ferrari begin legal action against FIA

514106Ferrari have started legal action against the FIA to block plans for a budget cap in 2010 after the sport’s governing body refused to back down to the teams yesterday.

The Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) met with the FIA at Heathrow in London on Friday to debate the governing body s controversial proposal for a voluntary £40 million budget cap in 2010.

The cap would effectively create a two-tier system in Formula One with those teams agreeing to restrict their spending enjoying greater technical freedom. This is something Ferrari are veheminantly opposed to.

In a bid to block the rules being introduced Ferrari have lodged an injunction against the FIA on the grounds that it is denying the team a veto it has on future technical regulations.

Team principal Stefano Domenicali refused to comment on the details of the legal action but said that he is working hard to ensure Ferrari remain on the grid in 2010.