Ferrari await WMSC verdict over ‘team orders’

Ferrari are awaiting the outcome of the World Motor Sport Council’s deliberations this evening, on the subject of possible further punishment for their actions during the German Grand Prix last month.

Leading driver Felipe Massa was told that his team-mate was faster than he, a message many understood to be not-very-well-coded team orders. Massa duly let Alonso pass, and in the immediate aftermath the race stewards fined the team $100 000.

Possible further sanction could include points deduction or even removal from the championship(s), but it is thought by insiders that Ferrari will most likely just get another slap on the wrist.

BRDC President Damon Hill said that he didn’t foresee a big punishment from the FIA.

“Flexing their muscles because they can is not necessarily wise,” Hill told the Daily Telegraph. “I don’t think a punishment that big would fit this particular crime.”

“Teams say they are not implementing team orders but we all suspect that what they are doing is indicating to the driver how they would like them to perform, which can’t be construed as an order,” he added.

“It is an issue which has been creeping up for some time and has not been addressed and I think Ferrari might get off because the rules aren’t clear.”

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