‘Fake Charlie Whiting’ to meet real thing in Canada

‘Fake Charlie Whiting’ will meet the real thing next week. Mark McArdle is the man behind the fake Twitter account which has caught the eye of FIA race director Whiting.

“I am still pinching myself — I am floored that this is really happening,” McArdle told the Globe and Mail.

The Canadian newspaper reports that Whiting was amused by his fake Twitter identity and therefore extended 43-year-old McArdle an official invite to the Montreal paddock next Thursday.

“We are going to meet up in Montreal for a chat — I thought it would be quite fun,” the real Whiting said. “I will be fairly busy on Thursday, but I will be quite happy to show him around race control.”

Whiting admits he was tipped off about the ‘fake’ Twitter account.

“I don’t do Twitter and I barely know what it is, to be frank,” he smiled. “But people have come up to me on occasion and said ‘I love your tweets’ and I always say that I don’t do any. People don’t realise that it’s not me.

“Now, if he was doing and writing silly things, I might have something to say about it, but it’s quite fun and he’s not casting me in a bad light, so I’m pretty happy really.”

The report said McArdle has been invited to also spend time with the McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes, Force India and HRT teams on Thursday, while Caterham has offered up a paddock pass to his wife Helen.


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