F1 teams ask Bridgestone to stay

Bridgestone’s Formula One bosses are to make a renewed pledge to the company’s board members, in an bid to reverse its decision to quit the sport at the end of the year.

The Teams have yet to confirm a new tyre supplier for next year, and with the likes of Michelin and Pirelli suggesting that Formula One switches to a new 18-inch rim format, there has been a renewed effort to get Bridgestone to stay.

It has been reported, by Autosport, that Bridgestone’s motorsport director Hiroshi Yasukawa met with team representatives in Spain and subsequently passed their message over to the Japanese manufacturer’s new European CEO Makio Ohashi, who was also present at the race.

“After each race meeting we make a report to Japan, so are going to report to our top board members about what has happened this weekend. Mr Ohashi has also realised that F1 is very important for Bridgestone.” Yasukawa told Autosport.

“I really appreciate the teams’ approach, and we are happy that they still trust in our company and they wish Bridgestone to say. Maybe we have to reconsider because of the market and the environment. We also understand that F1 itself is more concerned about the environment now, and there is a new power train coming.

“However, nothing has changed yet. Our company has said, very unfortunately, that we have to stop at the end of this year.”