F1 Predictions

If you re looking for a F1 Predictions game for the 2007 season, look no further than RacingPickers.com. Racing Pickers is a place for motor racing fans to play prediction games on the results of various motor sport events and series, including Formula One, A1, WRC and Nascar.

To enter you will need to follow the Racing Pickers link and sign up. It takes just two minutes and it s completely free to enter.

  1. Once signed up, select Prediction Entry from the Competitions menu.
  2. Choose the race series and year you wish to enter for, and click ‘show’
  3. On the next page click ‘Add prediction’ which will bring up the entry form
  4. Under Race Event you will find rounds currently open – choose from the drop down menu.
  5. Choose the top 6 qualifiers, 3 non finishers and the race top 8, before clicking ‘save’
  6. You can change your predictions up until the closing time of the round (10pm GMT on the Friday before an event)

Scoring is as follows:

  • Qualifying/Grid 1st-6pts, 2nd-5pts, 3rd-4pts, 4th-3pts, 5th-2pts, 6th-1pt
  • DNFs 1pt per correct DNF prediction
  • Race 1st-10pts, 2nd-8pts, 3rd-6pts, 4th-5pts, 5th-4pts, 6th-3pts, 7th-2pts, 8th-1pt

Note that any immediate grid spot penalty is also taken into account, therefore you need to predict the actual grid positions at the start of the race.

To become a winner this season, you will need to be one of the top scorers over a month in each of the series covered. There is also an overall prize for the overall winner of each series, so be sure you are entered for each round. If you re away on holiday or unable to get to a computer over a race weekend, then you can drop Racing Predictions an email to ensure you don t miss out on that top score (or PM Freddie on the F1 Forum).

Competitions open a fortnight prior to each race and close on the Friday before the race, so there s enough time to evaluate team and drivers before putting in your entries.

Good Luck!