Eyebrows raised after Vettel’s rude salute at Alguersuari

Sebastian Vettel had a few eyebrows raised at his behaviour on Saturday morning after an on-track incident with a slower car. Even though backmarkers are not obliged to make way for the grandee runners in free practice, the world champion took his hands off the wheel in a rare loss of temper to give Jaime Alguersuari a two-finger salute.

“You can’t just pull aside for the other drivers all the time,” the Toro Rosso driver told Spanish reporters. “I also have a job to do.”

Earlier this weekend in Korea, German Vettel admitted that even with the 2011 title wrapped up, he is “addicted” to winning.

“I am annoyed when I am not in the winning team when we play football,” he said.

“You can not describe it,” the Red Bull driver told DPA news agency. “You know how much it takes on a race weekend to have everything come together so that you just get the chance to race from the front.”

Then, with a win, “Sometimes you can’t soak up the full moment. That’s why you want to do it over and over again, to take away a piece of it every time.”


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