Experts slam ‘ugly’ 2012 field

F1’s field of 2012 reminds one expert pundit of a supermodel without her best assets.

Former driver Hans-Joachim Stuck wrote in his German column for Eurosport that he dislikes the look of this year’s F1 cars.

“The tyres are too narrow, the rear wing too small and the front wing too big, and the nose is a complete failure,” he said. “It’s like imagining Heidi Klum without her nice behind and bosom, and that’s unfortunately what they’ve done with the new cars. Let’s hope that they’re fast, at least.”

Tyre supplier Pirelli’s motor sport director Paul Hembery recently slammed the new cars for being “pig ugly”.

He told The Sun it could be a turn-off for potential new fans and sponsors.

“It is what a lot of people will say who are maybe not as intimately involved as we are,” said Hembery.


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